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Legumes and cereals

Creamy, velvety beans in every kind of shade; crunchy peas and full-bodied chickpeas. Cereals, barley and spelt, and the best lentils you could ever find. Plenty of taste in simple and genuine products, perfect for rediscovering the authentic taste of nature.

14,00 €

Lamon kidney-beans 500 g

8,50 €

Cannellini beans 500 g

7,00 €

Black beans 500 g

5,00 €

Chickpeas 500 g

7,00 €

Legume soup 500 g

10,00 €

Lentils from Castelluccio di Norcia PGI 500 g

6,50 €

Cereals soup 500 g


Here, you shall find only the most exquisite foods, the rarities and the excellence. A moment in which food turns into art.