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The pleasure of a unique experience

A journey through unrivalled gastronomic delights. Cold cuts, cheeses, top quality meats, local and international rarities. The great gastronomy knows no boundaries.

17,00 €

Grilled baby artichokes in extra virgin olive oil 340 g

14,50 €

Handmade egg tagliatelle with truffle 250 g

53,00 €

Porcini mushrooms in extra virgin olive oil 290 g

98,00 €

Mignon baby artichokes in extra virgin olive oil 120 g

8,00 €

Butter with truffle 30 g

8,50 €

Salt with white truffle 30 g

7,50 €

Honey with white truffle 50 g

24,00 €

Single origin coffee Panama Geisha 125 g


Here, you shall find only the most exquisite foods, the rarities and the excellence. A moment in which food turns into art.

55,00 €

Single origin coffee Jamaica Blue Mountain 125 g

79,00 €

Single origin coffee Indonesia Kopi Tongkonan Toraja 125 g