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Legume soup 500 g

Legume soup 500 g

The perfect idea for a rich and tasty dish made of high-quality legumes.
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Green lentils, kidney beans, black beans, red beans, dehusked red lentils, dehusked split peas and dehusked split broad beans. This legumes mix allows preparing a rich and tasty soup, with an enveloping flavour. Enrich it with your favourite vegetables and some fresh tomatoes to obtain a complete dish, perfect for cold winter months.

Ingredients: green lentils, borlotti beans, black eye beans, black beans, red beans, red split lentils, split peas, split fava beans. May contain traces of GLUTEN and SOY.

Store in a cool and dry place. Cooking time: 40/50 minutes.

SALA CEREALI S.r.l., viale dello Stadio 24, Sondrio - Italia.

Shelf life: 300 days.

500 g

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