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December 18th 2016

Davide e Albino Tirelli, cheese makers

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Here, at floor -1, nothing has changed. In many years of work (31 for Albino and 26 for Davide respectively), in Peck’s underground laboratories we have seen several evolutions, from changes in consumptions to the introduction of new technologies…but the quality of products, the attention to details and the collaboration among colleagues have never changed since our arrival in Milan from Lodi. Yes, from Lodi, from where we receive fresh milk for our preparations.

We have been making mascarpone in the same way for more than 20 years, even using the very same kettle!

Making the rich and foamy mascarpone you see in our cheese counter requires time and precision: we add a drop of citric acid to the fresh cream and wait for it to act; the cream thus obtained is left to drip on cotton cloths (in Lodi we call them “panacce”) in a refrigerating room for 24 hours; the cloths are then closed and knotted, and the mascarpone assumes the soft texture that makes it perfect for many pastry-making recipes, such as tiramisu.

Here, we use it to make cheese layered cakes, which we produce every week by overlapping layers of mascarpone and taleggio, robiola or gorgonzola and adding walnuts, figs, rocket, basil pesto (of our production) or slices of white truffle, at Christmas.

The lab’s latest addition is the dairy department: since 2014, with the support of Giuseppe the cheesemaker, thrice a week we produce mozzarella, nodini, scamorza, burrata, ricotta and primo sale, which you can find at the cheese counter and are even requested by our Japanese partners.

We have one of the most ancient jobs in the world and we know how important the territory is when it comes to cheese making. Therefore, not only we make cheese, but we also select the best ones from the Italian and European territory.

The king of our department is Parmigiano Reggiano, which we purchase from dairies that have been working with us for decades and provide us with cheese wheels free from imperfections and with different levels of ageing: from 12, 18, 24 and 36 months up to 5 years.

In the shop, you can have a better look at the galaxy of cheeses we select and you can lose yourself into the wide range of fresh and seasoned niche products, sheep cheeses from different Italian regions, limited edition goat cheeses and renowned French cheeses and Swiss delicacies.

We know personally every supplier and each of them has a story to tell; we all share the same passion for this ancient trade, the desire to constantly improve ourselves and the control at every stage of production.

One of the gems to discover this year is the Storico Ribelle Presidio Slow Food 2015, that you can find in the shop also with a 7 or 8-year ageing.

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