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May 18th 2017

Wine Sessions - Venica & Venica

The guest of the seventh meeting with of the new Wine Session 2017 is the renowned friulian canteen Venica & Venica.

The wine company was founded on the 6th February 1930 when Daniele Venica bought in the hearth of Collio the body of the firm composed of the farmhouse and the surrounding vineyards. Almost 90 years have passed since then and several generations of the Venica family followed one another, all sharing a relentless passion for the wineyards and its wines.

The estate extends on a surfaceof 37 hectars divided on different hills, that vaunts each distinct microclimates that unavoidably grant the wines an incredible complexity.

The climate, particularly propitious for the white wines, is affected by the mediterrean currents and by the fresh currents coming from the Alps. The terraced hills – 350 meters high on the sea level - are shaped by rocky terrain that is locally known as Ponka, rich of minerals that create a perfect equilibrium for the wines.

The peculiar mosaic formed by more than 50 microclimates provides the Venica products a unique feature and a great complexity.


During the dinner you will taste the following wines and the following dishes:

Ribolla Gialla L'Adelchi 2016
Seafood salad with lentils from Castelluccio and red onion

Friuliano Ronco delle Cime 2016
Risotto with fava beans, fresh peas and montasio

Sauvignon Ronco delle Mele 2016
Vegetables ravioli with raw tomatoes and mullet bottarga

Cabernet Franc 2015

Veal cheek with potatoes cooked with herbs

Price: 70€ per person  
Thursday 18th May from 7:30pm to 10:00pm
Service: 08:00pm
Peck Italian Bar & Restaurant