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March 29th 2017

Wine sessions - Ruinart

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The third meeting with the Wine Session is with the French canteen Ruinart, the oldest Maison de champagne in the world.

Funded in 1729 by Nicolas Ruinart in Reims, the French Maison consolidated its success in the production of its vin de bulles thanks to a secular tradition based on boldness, initiative and foresight.

The Champagne region represents a world unicum because of its huge plastered layers and sea fossilizations. This fact together with the particular microclimate of the Champagne region – oceanic and continental at the same time – contributes to the absolute uniqueness of these vines that show fineness and acidity without equal.

The signature vine of the Ruinart Champagne is the Chardonnay¸a white refined vine with an inimitable fineness, freshness and purity on the one hand and complexity, intensity and longevity on the other hand.
The pleasure of the tasting and the intensity of the sensations that come from it are the distinguishable signs of the prestigious Ruinart labels.

During the dinner you will taste the following Champagnes:
"R" De Ruinart
Ruinart Blanc De Blancs
Ruinart Rosé

Price: 70€ per person  
Wednesdsday 29th March from 7:30 to 10:00 pm
Service:  08:00 pm
Peck Italian Bar & Restaurant