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April 27th 2017

Wine sessions - Pommery

The fifth meeting of the Wine Sessions is with Pommery, one of the oldest French maison di champagne. 

The history of the brand Pommery embeds its roots in the far 1836 when in Reims Alexandre Louis Pommery & Narcisse Greno started an engaging adventure in the world of the champagne production.
Shortly afterwards in 1858 Madame Pommery took the leading role of the firm and thanks to her tenacity and ambition, she revolutionized the business immediately understanding the company’s potential in foreign markets, especially the English one.

Today the Pommery domaine extends on a territory of 50 hectars between Elizabethan style buildings and vineyards in a garden-like cultivation that attract every year thousands of visitors.

The canteens of the domaine have been obtained by transforming 120 caves of chalk of gallo-roman origin which are connected by 18 km tunnels destined to host bottles in refinement.

The house vineyards are located in the villages classified as Grand Cru, about 300 hectars of wine territories that are subdivided between seven villages. The soil of calcareous origin and the continental and atlantic climate create ideal conditions for the wine maturation.

The franch maison represents a travel in a univers made of sophistication, elegance and tradition.

During the dinner you will taste the following Champagnes:
Brut Apanage
Apanage Rosè
Grand Cru Royal 2006
Cuvée Louise 2004

Price: 70€ per person  
Thursday 27th April from 7:30 to 10:00 pm
Service:  08:00 pm
Peck Italian Bar & Restaurant