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September 30th 2016

Wine Sessions

Wine sessions

Peck Italian Bar presents Wine Sessions, a series of appointments with the producers of some excellent wines from Peck’s wine shop.

Starting from 5th October 2016, Peck Italian Bar&Restaurant will be hosting a series of appointments in which wine is the protagonist.

A real journey through the best terroirs selected by Peck's wine shop, from Bourgogne blancs to Sicilian red wines, from Tuscany to Champagne.

Every tasting session is dedicated to one single winemaker, who will personally entertain the participants telling them the characteristics of his/her own wines.

Wine sessions are opportunities for pleasant learning for who first approaches the wine world; for wine enthusiasts, they’re unique moments to ask producers all the unanswered questions about a wine or an oenological region.

Every wine is wisely paired with small delicacies by Peck Italian Bar&Restaurant; at the end of the event you can purchase the tasted wines and take all the emotion of the event home with you.


Price for a single session: 50€.

All the bottles can be purchased at the end of the event at Peck Italian Bar&Restaurant with a discount of 10%.


Here follows the complete program. Click on the date for more information.

5th October MARJAN SIMČIČ - Slovenia

20th October PARUSSO - Piedmont

3rd November GONET MÉDEVILLE - Bisseuil, France

17th November FRESCOBALDI - Tuscany

1st December BRUNO PAILLARD - Reims, France


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