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December 21st 2016

Giuseppe Cipri, wine cellar Manager

  • Giuseppe Cipri wine cellar Manager
  • Peck wine shop
  • Wine bar

I have the honour of guarding more than 3,000 prestigious labels coming from almost all over the world, and I have the pleasure to accompany customers around the most important wine regions strolling through the racks. Many pause in front of historical vintages, vertical tastings and large formats; others look for every day wines; curious and connoisseurs chose a bottle and try it at the counter, commentating it with the staff.

My passion for oenology was born through dialogue with my friends, themselves passionate since an early age, and though the years I have never stopped learning and travelling around the world, which is fundamental for a sommelier.

My team consists of young and competent people I have built a wonderful relationship with, based on dialogue and confrontation. Each of us has his own personality and preferences, but what keeps us together is the constant desire to improve and taking challenges. There is always something to tell and share with each other: vineyards and wine cellars we visited, countries we travelled, leading figures we met, feelings left by a wine or a spirit. The good thing about wine is that it is no exact science, every expert can express a different opinion and start a stimulating debate.

Our wine cellar is a reference point for enthusiasts looking for rare bottles, limited edition wines and prestigious distillates, such as 50 to 100 year aged Cognacs and Armagnacs of the 20s and 40s. Here, label selection is determined solely by the quality and there is room also for niche wine producers of high value.

The wine cellar is the place for gifts par excellence. Customers come downstairs for every occasion worthy of a present and our job is often to understand the personality of both the giver and the receiver. Christmas is the most intense and fun moment of the year: we have the chance to make the curious ones discover new products, to guide them in the choice of a gift promoting the very best our cellar has to offer.

Champagnes and sparkling wines, ideal for celebrating, are the most popular in these days; they are followed by Italian and French red wines and intense, aromatic white wines. Given the elegance, value and history enclosed in their bottles, spirits are the perfect gift. The new trend of using dessert wines not only to accompany desserts is helping to spread refined and exclusive rarities of the kind. I invite you to discover the labels I have selected this Christmas to accompany your conviviality moments or to bring joy to those you wish to deliver your thought.

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