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December 20th 2016

Galileo Reposo, Pastry Chef

  • Galileo Reposo Pastry Chef
  • Chocolate lab
  • Pastry counter

“Fantasy” is the watchword inside our patisserie lab. It can be found in our every creation, in the matching of shapes, colours and flavours, and in my every discussion with my team, always an occasion for growth and a spark for new ideas.

With this spirit of collaboration and dialogue, we manage to channel everyone’s fantasy and imagination into creations expressing elegance and ennobling the raw ingredients.

When – as a child – I used to travel with my imagination, I dreamt of becoming a great pastry chef; passing by Peck’s shop windows, I wished to become good at doing things so perfectly myself. Today, I am granted the honour of supervising Peck’s patisserie team, who every day work with the intent of delighting the eyes and palates of every customer.

In my lab, nothing is left to chance: we use only fresh seasonal fruits at the right degree of ripening, no industrial semi-finished products, fresh milk and cream from farming located in the Lodi area, Equatorial and Ivoire chocolate, hazelnuts from Piedmont PGI, Sicilian almonds and pistachios.

Every ingredient comes from territories producing exclusive elements. We can offer you products as good as genuine only by focusing on the freshness and origin of our raw ingredients, on the care for details and the research for elegant combinations of flavours.

Christmas is the peak of a whole year of work; it is a time that requires sacrifice, dedication, patience, experimentation, research…because Christmas is the moment of our finest expression. In the shop, you will find our artisan chocolate creations (different every year), totally handmade using only prime chocolate, accompanied by marrons glacés, chocolate pralines, mouthwatering fruit jellies, fruits coated in dark chocolate and semifreddo desserts, which – I hope – will make you dream as well.

Christmas is absolute happiness, scent, conviviality, fragrance, warmth and softness. We believe in these values all year long, and that is why you can find Panettone in the shop in every moment. If you’re looking for pleasant variations, besides the different sizes of classic Panettone, I invite you to discover: Veneziana, the New Year’s Eve cake with candied orange and a crunchy coating of almonds; candied fruits and raisin-free Panettone, for people who do not love candied fruits but do not want to give up fragrance and tradition; Panettone with pears and chocolate, for real sweet-teeth; and, finally, my personal creation for 2016, Panettone with candied orange, pineapple and ginger.

I designed this recipe remembering Christmas spent in the family: the winter scent of orange, pineapple refreshing the palate at the end of abundant lunches and ginger, the slight spicy note reminding of the astonishment and joy typical of festivities.

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