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October 5th 2016

Wine sessions - Marjan Simčič

Marjan Simčič

Simčič family’s winery was established in the 19th century. In 1988, Marjan Simčič, representing the fifth generation, decided to renew it and gave a new boost to his 18 hectares in the area of Goriška Brda, both on the Slovenian and on the Italian side. Here the soil is particularly suitable for winegrowing: indeed, it’s rich in minerals and the climate is mild, due to the warm sea air blowing from the Mediterranean Sea and to the near Julian Alps.

The vines are selected by variety. They are planted in intervals, just like in typical Friulian vineyards.

The raising method (with no use of fertilisers nor insecticides) allows vines to absorb as many nutritive elements and moisture from the soil as they can to become strong and solid; this makes the wines structured, elegant, persistent and complex.


During the dinner, you will taste the following wines:

Sauvignonasse Collio Sloveno 2015

Rebula Selekcija 2013

Sauvignon Selekcija 2013

Pinot Nero Selekcija 2013


Price: 50€ per person.

Wednesday 5th October h. 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm.