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December 1st 2014

Christmas at Peck

Christmas at Peck

The milanese institution of high gastronomy offers its expertise to help make the most important festivity of the year a moment of pure joy.

December 2014

Since 1883 Peck is a reference point to meet the needs of the most demanding gourmands looking for the best enogastronomic products. As in each year, the festivities and the warm atmosphere of Christmas meet the appropriate celebration through the well eating, as well.
In order to fulfil enthusiastic gourmands’ desires, Peck, the Milanese institution of Italian high gastronomy, continues its tradition proposing its products of excellence and top quality with its usual passion. 
Peck’s mission for Christmas is to offer its expertise and to help make the most important festivity of the year a moment of pure joy. While renewing the idea of giving gifts as a magical moment of Christmas, Peck accompanies the enthusiastic gourmands in discovering real treasure troves of excellence, able to reveal the highest expression of gift.


Peck was founded in 1883, when Francesco Peck from Prague opened a delicatessen store with an adjacent workshop in Via Orefici 2, just a few steps from the Duomo of Milan, wishing to open the best delicatessen shop in the town. Milan was already considered as the Central European capital of good eating: Peck was welcomed enthusiastically by the town, and it quickly became a point of reference for regular customers, among which the Italian Royal House and the most influent families of the town.
Since then, the successful story of the Milanese delicatessen store par excellence has continued constantly, strictly intertwining with the histories of entrepreneurial families that succeeded at the helm of Peck – enriching at every step the know-how legacy with renewed expertise. So that, from being a shop with cold cuts and cured meats as core products in late 1800, Peck has progressively broadened its horizons, until turning in what it is now: a store where any kind of enogastronomic product can be found at the highest degree of quality, the shelter for who loves rediscovering traditional flavours; the destination for who is looking for the new trends of international cuisine.

The store of gourmet excellence and the laboratories of Peck specialties are on more of 3000 square meters and they include butchery, cured meats area, cheese area, hot and cold ready-to-eat counters, delicatessen, pastry, wine cellar and the gourmet restaurant. More than 100 collaborators, real experts in the art of food processing work every day to guarantee the excellence of products to the customers. 
The search and selection of the best producers and suppliers is always combined with the commitment in producing Peck’s own core products.

Peck’s services of excellence include the Store, the Restaurants (Al Peck and Peck Italian Bar), Catering, E-commerce, Gift Boxes, Home Delivery.

Today Peck is present in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea; the goal for further developments is to bring the Italian quality to the rest of the world with the opening of delicatessen stores and top restaurants in the main cities of the world.

Peck at Palazzo Italia - Italy Pavillon - Expo Milano 2015

On the occasion of Expo Milano 2015 Peck will represent the Italian excellence in top restaurant and catering service, after obtaining the concession for the restaurant at Palazzo Italia.
"Excellence, Italian taste, respect for tradition, commitment to innovation and sustainability are the pillars our cuisine is based on: the values through which we are committed to represent Italy in the world."

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