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October 6th 2016

Piccolo Peck: via Spadari's new gastronomic café

Piccolo Peck

On the ground floor of via Spadari, in the very heart of the historic shop, now stands Piccolo Peck, a gastronomic café modelled after the most distinctive features of Peck’s soul.
Designed in shades of chocolate and honey by architect Alessandro Scandurra (who had already signed the Expo Gate), Piccolo Peck recalls the atmosphere of the small shop’s origins with a contemporary twist. The Belleville chairs in dark wood, the neoclassic columns and the still counter are perfectly integrated into the already existing elements.

Piccolo Peck is a place where Peck’s best products are served in an informal convivial atmosphere highlighted by a fun mise-en-place consisting of colourful pottery. Here, people will taste the very best of Peck’s gastronomy: pan brioche canapés re-interpreting great classics (such as the renowned Russian salad, veal in tuna sauce, shrimps in cocktail sauce and the unmissable paté), but also tastings of carefully selected cold cuts and cheese, high-quality vegetables in olive oil, roasts as carpacci and sea gastronomy. There are also dishes thought for people following a vegan or gluten-free diet.

The menu enhances the artisan production of via Spadari’s labs, from bresaola di punta d’anca to cow’s milk mozzarella, and is accompanied by a careful selection of wines, sparkling wines, spirits and cocktails. A soon-to-come piece of news: a gourmet proposal of small luxuries for more demanding palates, from foie gras to caviar and lobster.

But Piccolo Peck is more than that. Breakfast is another of its must: every month, besides the 100% Arabica coffee of the house, a refined single-origin coffee is chosen among the shop’s exotic collection and served. The tea selection includes the most precious teas from distant Oriental gardens. Brioches and croissants are rigorously handmade, using only prime flour. This is also the perfect place for the gluttonous ones, who love to linger over the most important meal of the day, treating themselves to a slice of cake or of panettone dressed in mascarpone sauce.

The pre-dinner aperitif is equally wonderful. Customers can choose the perfect accompaniment to a savoury canapé among the 3.000 wines of the wine cellar or the signature cocktails, such as the Barbacoa Bloody Mary or the Gin&VodkaSaladMartini.

Piccolo Peck is shaped having freedom in mind, the freedom to savour delicacies in every moment of the day, to have a salty breakfast or even to pair panettone with a cocktail, if you wish so.

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PICCOLO PECK: gastronomic café
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Practical information

Address: Piccolo Peck, via Spadari 9
Phone: 02 8023161

Opening hours

Monday: 3 pm - 8 pm
Tuesday - Saturday: 9 am - 8 pm
Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm
Lunch average price: 20 euros (drinks not included)